We are working on a great range of activities, each of which combine informing, praying, and acting, to accomplish this task. Our fields of work are not only meant to be offers for our members but for all interested women in general.

Advanced vocational trainings for voluntary workers in church are to be mentioned at first. Our various conventions and conferences offer different topics. In addition, there are advanced vocational training courses for the qualification of persons in work as well as family holidays or special trips for women to other countries.

40 women are trained in geriatric care at our school every year.
Our old people’s and nursing home gives a home to 60 women. Some of our 40 sisters of the sisterhood of the Evangelische Frauenhilfe in Westfalen e.V. live there. (Our church allows them to marry and to live in their families.)

Women and children seeking refuge from violence at home find shelter in our women’s refuge in Soest. In four towns of Westphalia there are advice and contact centres which help women in emergencies as well as pregnant women in conflict situations. More than 200 women with mental and physical handicaps can find medical and social help, will be accompanied on their journey through life, find work and a home in one of our five institutions.

In our latest institution, women from different countries of origin, who were forced into prostitution in our country, receive medical and social support as well as help in questions of law.