The Evangelische Frauenhilfe is an independent association within the Protestant church.
We receive approximately 45% of our budget from the Protestant Church of Westphalia to assist in working on the women’s cause with regard to the particular parishes and to support women in an honorary capacity within the borders of the regional church. Further financial means are received by membership fee.

The Evangelische Frauenhilfe is headed by the chairwoman Inge Schnittker, the secretary Pastor Angelika Weigt-Blätgen, and an honorary managing committee, which is elected for four years.

The parishes of the Westphalian Protestant Church comprise almost 1.300 groups and about 70.000 female members. These members meet each other once a week or fortnightly to talk about biblical texts, to discuss, or to be kept informed about current political and social issues as well as to act together in solidarity.

Most of the groups are major pillars concerning the work in the parishes. Without the support of these groups, some parishes would be less efficient in their work and would seem less lively.

There are regional groupings in all parts and bigger towns of Westphalia, in which the local branches are given support, information, and training packages for their work. Altogether, there are 38 of such regional groupings, which are also called associations. The principal establishment and thus the registry as well as the administration are in Soest, a small town in Westphalia.